The Bereavement Ministry Team will be available to assist you with funeral preparations, to answer questions and to provide support for you and your family during this difficult time.  If you would like assistance from this ministry, please do not hesitate to contact the Bereavement Ministry Team via Kh. Terry Rogers @


  1. When a loved one’s death appears imminent, call the Senior priest who will visit and pray special prayers.
  2. Upon the death of a loved one, the Senior pastor, extended family, and close friends are notified.The Priest then visits the family and offers Trisagion prayers for the departed.
  3. The Priest or Bereavement Ministry Team can set up a time to meet with the family at the funeral home (St. Ignatius has established a relationship with Williamson Memorial who are accustomed to orthodox funerals.). If the family makes an appointment, let the Priest &/or a member of the Bereavement Ministry Team if you’d like their presence and support at the meeting.
  4. Decisions are made about the handling of the body and the funeral home is contacted for needed services.
  5. The family meets with the funeral home to discuss casket and cemetery arrangements (if you are not purchasing the orthodox style coffin already at St. Ignatius or using the St. Ignatius cemetery. Contacts for these are: Kh Terry for coffin and Deacon Edward Martin for the cemetery.) and to choose tentative dates and times for the Wake/visitation and funeral service.
  6. The Priest is then contacted to confirm the schedule of services (if he is not present)   i.e. Trisagion prayers, Vigil, Visitation/Wake, Funeral, Burial, etc.
  7. If a Vigil (reading of the Psalms) is requested by the family, a Sign-Up Genius is initiated and emailed to the faithful by the Bereavement Ministry Team.
  8. If additional clergy are requested to be present, the Senior Pastor must be given their information so that he can formally invite them to participate in the funeral services.
  9. If the St. Ignatius Parish Hall is not used for a Mercy Meal, then a proper venue is chosen for a reception is selected. Your Bereavement Ministry Team initiates a Sign-Up Genius for a church organized Mercy Meal. Contact a member, asap if the family desires this.  It is recommended that a member of the Bereavement Ministry Team accompany you to meet with the funeral home.
  10. The funeral home with work with you to create an obituary and where you want it to be placed.
  11. The funeral home will help you select pallbearers. Your family or a member of the Bereavement Ministry Team can contact them, if the family requests their assistance or a family member should contact them for availability.
  12. Arrival of the body, time TBD into the Temple. The Priest leads the body into the church, while censing.
  13. Trisagion prayers are prayed and the Vigil begins. (if one is requested)
  14. The Vigil pauses if a Wake with eulogies is scheduled.
  15. Water will be made available for the family in the Comfort Room next to the narthex. Depending on the timing and length of visitation, food may be provided by the Bereavement Ministry Team.
  16. The Vigil concludes when the funeral service begins.
  17. Procession to the cemetery. (casket is led out by the clergy)
  18. Burial Service/Internment
  19. Mercy Meal/reception (If one is requested)
  20. Church is returned to normal physical set up if any changes were made.
  21. Assistance may be given for headstone arrangements. Contact: Dn. Edward Martin
  22. Schedule 40-Day memorial (Koliva may be made by the family or a friend)
  23. Memorials are not permitted from Palm Sunday to Thomas Sunday (the first Sunday after Pascha)