What to Expect at an Orthodox Church

Orthodox Church Service

12 Things I wish I had know before entering an Orthodox church by Kh. Frederica Mathewes-Green, http://frederica.com/12-things/

Church Etiquette

Church Etiquette or Some Things You Should Know While In Church by Father David Barr, http://www.sainteliaschurch.org/files/Etiquette.pdf

Attending St. Ignatius

Families and Children

We want everyone to participate in our services, therefore, it is extremely important to us that both parents and children feel comfortable in our church. Our services are quite long, so if at any point you need to take your child out of the sanctuary, please feel free to do so. There is a room for nursing and diaper changing (before you enter the church), which can be used during the services.


Holy Communion is only for members of the Orthodox Church who have prepared themselves through prayer, fasting and regular confession. However, everyone is welcome to come forward and to partake of the blessed bread offered by the Altar boys.

Coffee Hour

All are welcome to join us for coffee hour after the Divine Liturgy on Sunday mornings and for potluck dinners after Presanctified Liturgies during Great Lent.

Last But Not Least

Entering the Church

When you enter the church please make sure to sign our guest book located next to the icon of our Patron Saint, Ignatius of Antioch. Also, make sure to pick up a bulletin. This will provide you with information about the parish and help you to follow the services on Sunday mornings.

Joining the Church

If you are interested in joining the Church, please contact our parish priest, Fr. Philip Begley at fr.philip@stignatiusfranklin.org or 615-791-8143.